TSS Cloud

Public Cloud Applications
Whether it is Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, or Platform-as-a-Service, companies are adopting cloud based services because the processing scalability, rapid prototyping, development, and deployment efficiencies of these operational models allow companies to innovate faster with less investment. With the "bandwidth on-demand" nature of Carrier Ethernet and the ability to leverage CoS for application prioritization, Carrier Ethernet provides a stable, scalable and robust platform ideal for supporting your SaaS implementation plans.

Private Cloud Implementations
When data security or compliance concerns prevent the use of public (X)aaS applications, private cloud applications can be the solution. However, organizations have to incur the associated effort and expense of running the cloud services infrastructure. Connectivity between data centers, cloud-based applications, or end-users must meet the stringent SLA requirements that Carrier Ethernet delivers. Data mirroring and backup applications require high speed connectivity between these remote locations. These connections need to be reliable and scalable in order to meet current and future requirements as your operational model becomes more dependent on private cloud models. When choosing your network architecture, it is important you make the correct choice today to support the demands of tomorrow.

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