Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

Flexible, reliable connectivity for today’s business needs
TSS Digital can offer your business a reliable, highly flexible, symmetrical access service with speeds from 2 Mbit up to 10Gbit, with the ability to scale in increments of as little as 1 Mbit. Delivered via a direct fiber-optic connection to your business, this Ethernet-based service can seamlessly interface with your office local area network (LAN).

Great value
A single fiber connection from TSS Digital can be used to deliver all of your optical services — without additional “local loop” charges. And because you pay only for the data speed you need, TSS Digital Fiber Internet provides a low-cost option to traditional switched services.

Precision scalability
Whether it’s 2 Mbit up to 10Gbit, TSS Digital Fiber Internet offers scalable speeds tailored to fit your business needs, instead of being confined to static DS-1 or DS-3 connections. Plus, at increments of as little as 1 Mbit, you can scale up your connection speed as your business grows.

Superior service
TSS Network Operations Center technicians proactively monitor the network 24/7/365 to maintain maximum performance. The U.S.-based support center and locally-based technicians are able to quickly respond to service issues.

TSS can offer higher bandwidth connections (up to 100Gbit!) upon request.